Why Bluetooth Not Working Properly On Acer Laptop?

Posted by admin, 16 August 2018

Bluetooth wireless technology is a crucial part of a laptop providing short range Wi-Fi signals that provide a link between wireless electronic devices such as printers, audio devices, and computers. Some examples of using the Bluetooth technology include listening to music on Bluetooth headset, sharing files with other computer or Bluetooth printer. So, without a working Bluetooth on your Acer laptop, you just cannot imagine yourself doing all the enlisted things and many more.

There could be many reasons in the malfunctioning of the Bluetooth like absence of drivers or the improper functioning of the Bluetooth switch.

Speaking in technical terms, a device driver is an application that operates or controls a particular type of hardware device connected to a computer. It plays an important role in ensuring that the device responds correctly and smoothly. If it is removed or outdated for some reason, the device associated with the driver will not work well. In some cases, your Acer may run slowly.

Why Bluetooth Not Working Properly On Acer Laptop?

Check out the following instructions to make your Bluetooth come back to working mode:

  • 1) Check your Bluetooth is correctly on or not by pressing Fn + F3.
  • 2) If it still doesn’t work you have to update the driver by visiting the Acer drivers and manual page
  • 3) You can search the product by model name or by entering the serial number.
  • 4) Click on the Bluetooth driver and download it.

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