How To Rotate The Screen Of Acer Laptop?

Posted by admin, 16 August 2018

While working on my keyboard I pressed some keys that led to the right-rotation of my screen, what to do now? Most laptop applications work perfectly well in the mode of the landscape. The screen position can hinder the productivity especially if you want to work with information in a tall and thin window. In case you accidentally find yourself stuck in wrong positioning, get out from the trouble by choosing the service provided by our talented, courteous and friendly technicians who work all round the clock so that no Acer user feels a glitch in delivering their problem.

Acer Technical Support provides the manner to Rotate the Monitor using the keyboard

If you are running Windows 7, you may be able to quickly rotate your display 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees by hitting over the keys. Press the Control key + Alt and then choose the arrow key for where you want your PC to face. To get it back, snap on the up arrow key to save the modulations.

How To Rotate The Screen Of Acer Laptop?

Steps for Rotation of a Laptop via the option of Control Panel

  • 1. On the Windows, hit on screen rotation from the drop-down menu list. Changing the screen orientation via the Control Panel is too simple. Hold the tab or entering and insert the screen resolution. Besides, a Windows 7 user may choose Start >> Control Panel >> Display >> Screen resolution.
  • 2. From here select the monitor that you wish to rotate from the display box and subsequently, choose portrait or landscape in orientation field.

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