How Can The Display Dilemma Be Fixed In Acer Laptop?

Posted by admin, 21 August 2018

If you are facing the issues in the Display of your Acer laptop, We provide the best solutions that will never let you down. We are the third-party service provider of Acer laptop and we have a good reputation by the services we offer. So for solving the display issues, follow the guidelines given by us and your problem will be resolved.

How Can The Display Dilemma Be Fixed In Acer Laptop?

The steps are as follows:-

  • Turn on your laptop and then press the Fn & right arrow key from keyboard to increase the brightness of your screen or for decreasing press left arrow key from the keyboard
  • Then after adjusting brightness release the Fn key and it will automatically save the changes
  • Now select the personalize option by right-clicking on the desktop & choose it from the menu that appears
  • The Window opens named Personalize, in this go to the left side and select the Display option
  • In Display, adjust the screen resolution from the drop-down menu
  • Now you have to click on the Apply button to apply the changes that you have done and then click OK button to close the settings
  • Now in Display, Do the Color Correction by moving the slider of the contrast & the brightness and then for applying these changes click on Apply button and then the OK button to save it
  • Now close the Personalized settings window by click on the cross button that is located at the top right corner of the window.

This is the great way to solve your difficulty but still if you still have issues, promptly contact our Acer Support Australia . You can also reach us out via live chat or email if you don’t want to be in the queue.

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